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Lesson Plan #5

Unit Name: Colonial America
Lesson Theme: Stamp Act
Prior Student Preparation:

Instructional Objectives
Students will demonstrate listening skills through the rule of "no repetition of the same or similar ideas in either the brainstorming or sharing process."
Students will analyze several oppressive rules imposed on the colonists.
Students will participate in a role playing activity.
Students will develop an understanding of why Americans were upset with British tax laws.
Students will identify and evaluate two tactics colonists used to demonstrate their displeasure to these taxes.
Students will describe their reactions/feelings about the colonists reaction to the tax collectors and the various laws from the stamp act and beyond.
Students will move around the classroom
Resource/Materials: colonial law worksheet / recording sheet / one 8 ounce (224 grams) bag of M & Mís / set of Role cards and Object cards / one small paper cup for each student / two plastic spoons (or surgical latex gloves)
Order of the Lesson
Estimated Time Sequential Steps
1. 5 min Teacher will give overview, explain the activity, put students into small groups and distribute a different law to each group.
2. 5 min Students participate in the Circle of Knowledge (no idea can be repeated within the group) and answer assigned question or prompt in the appropriate sections of the Recording Sheet.
3. 5 min Spokesperson from group shares group response to class making sure he/she does not repeat any ideas already expressed by another group. 
4. 3 min Teacher distributes paper cups, ten M & Mís, and randomly passes out Role cards to students. The different Roles (King, Parliament, Tax Collector, and Colonists) all go to their respective areas.
5. 22 min Members of Parliament chose Object Cards and announce to Colonists what item will be taxed (e.g. blue jeans, glasses, etc). Any colonist possessing that item will pay out the number of M & Mís and give it to the Tax Collector. Tax Collectors take 10% of the funds, Parliament reap 50% of the funds, and the King pockets the rest.
7. 5 min The student and their partner discuss their reactions and answer discussion questions given by the teacher.
8. 5 min  Lesson Closure / Clean Up / Final Instructions / Assignment

Lesson Closure: Explain to the students the connection between their frustration with the "unfairness" of the way they lost their candy and the colonists frustration with one of the central issues leading to revolution Ė taxation without representation. Also develop understanding for the colonists reaction to the tax collectors and tax laws.

Assignment: Create a sensory figure for King George, the Tax Collectors, Parliament, and the Colonists after the Stamp Act was passed.

Lesson Feed Back:                                                  Lesson Reflection: