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Lesson Plan #4

Unit Name: Colonial America
Lesson Theme: Proclamation of 1763
Prior Student Preparation: comprehension of Pontiacís Rebellion

Instructional Objectives

Students will develop an understanding and feelings for the hardships, demoralization, and oppressive conditions Native Americans and colonists had to experience to find freedom from Britainís rule.
Students will demonstrate critical thinking skills to determine how each group would respond to the problem situation.
Students will demonstrate empathy to the beliefs and concerns of others.
Students will defend the important values of a particular culture.
Students will compare and contrast multiple perspectives/reactions to the Proclamation of 1763.
Resource/Materials: Role Assignments

Order of the Lesson

Estimated Time Sequential Steps
1. 5 min Teacher will present overview, engage students in a brief discussion, put students into cooperative groups and distribute assigned roles to each group.
2. 30 min Students will construct an identity statement for their group based on their assigned roles (i.e. colonists, Native Americans, Parliament) and share their identities with the class. Groups will discuss privately and respond publicly to critical thinking questions while teacher facilitates class discussion.
3. 10 min Each group will compare and contrast the responses/reactions of each group and individually write their reactions in their journals. 
4. 5 min  Lesson Closure / Clean Up / Final Instructions / Assignment

Lesson Closure: Reiterate the reason for issuing the Proclamation (the forbidden settlement of the colonists west of the Appalachians) Ė reaction to Pontiacís Rebellion. Then explain to students the importance of acknowledging different perspectives when interpreting and evaluating an historical/modern day event.

Assignment: Create a political comic strip that depicts the relationship between the Native Americans, colonists, and the British government after the passing of the Proclamation Act of 1763. Captions or voice bubbles for the comic strip should contain these terms: Pontiacís Rebellion, oppression, defiance, Salisbury, North Carolina.

Lesson Feed Back:                                             Lesson Reflection: