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Resume Biography Philosophy Standards Artifacts Web-based project


Lesson Plan #1

Unit Name: Colonial America
Lesson Theme: What was it like to live in Colonial times?
Prior Student Preparation:

Instructional Objectives
Students will experience and evaluate what life was like in colonial times.
Students will develop an understanding and sensitivity to the attitude, beliefs and concerns of the colonists.
Students will describe his/her feelings about life in the colonies.
Students will analyze and interpret music, games, food, clothes, and pictures of colonial times.
Students will move around the classroom to different learning stations and observe/record/evaluate all the stations while discussing the exploratory questions asked at each station.
Resource/Materials: Copy of "Colonial Times" worksheet/ tape or CD player/ written lyrics/ colonial instruments (if possible)/ food (cheese, grapes, dried prunes, currants, chilled mussels, etc.)/ playing cards and puzzles/ straw bonnets, cocked hats and mob caps/ pictures or photographs of colonial villages, homes, and examples of colonial life

Order of the Lesson

Estimated Time Sequential Steps
1. 10 min Teacher will present a brief overview, discuss culminating projects, explain class activity, and pass out "Colonial Times" worksheet.
2. 6 min


Station #1 – Students will listen to a selection of music from the colonial period (lyrics provided to read along with) and record their observations/opinions/ feelings.
3. 6 min


Station #2 – Students will sample various foods eaten during colonial times and record their observations/opinions/ feelings.
4. 6 min


Station #3 – Students will play different games people played in the colonial days, such as playing cards and puzzles. Record observations/ opinions/feelings.
5. 6 min


Station #4 – Students look/try on several different examples of head coverings worn in colonial times and analyze the accompanying literature about the different styles and their purpose. 
6. 6 min 


Station #5 – Students interpret pictures/photos of colonial villages, homes, and examples of colonial life. Record observations, opinions/feelings.
7. 5 min Students will share their observations/responses to follow-up questions asked about each station while the teacher facilitates a class discussion. 
8. 5 min Lesson Closure / Clean Up / Final Instructions / Assignment
Lesson Closure: Explain to students how primary sources, even if contradictory, help us learn about what life was really like for the colonists in America before the Revolution.

Assignment: Assume the role of a colonist and write a postcard to a friend in Europe describing the colony in which you have settled. Describe key features of the colony and the colonists’ reasons for settling there.

Lesson Feed Back: Lesson Reflection: