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Lesson Plan #8

Unit Name: Colonial America
Lesson Theme: Intolerable Acts
Prior Student Preparation:

Instructional Objectives
Students will analyze different perspectives and feelings historical figures had concerning the oppressive acts and protests.
Students will apply critical thinking skills to interpret their placards.
Students will participate in an presentation describing their interpretation of the slide.
Students move around the classroom to evaluate different placards
Students will learn and develop an understanding of the complexities colonists faced in deciding to rebel or not.
Resource/Materials: placards / masking tape / slides / slide projector

Order of the Lesson

Estimated Time Sequential Steps
1. 5 min Teacher will give overview, explain the activity, put students into groups, and set up placards around the room representing different historical figures and reading material on their perspective concerning the oppressive acts and protests.
2. 10 min Working in pairs, students analyze placards containing different images of historical people and reading material about their perspective of the oppressive acts and protests. 
3. 10 min Students present their interpretation of their placard in front of the classroom and in front of a projected slide of the placard.
4. 10 min Teacher randomly passes out the placards to the students. With the help of their partner, they decide where the group or individual on their placard would fit on a spectrum between Rebellion and Loyalty. Collect placards and Repeat.
5. 10 min Students participate in a high-level discussion about the political perspective of each placard .
6. 5 min  Lesson Closure / Clean Up / Final Instructions / Assignment

Lesson Closure: Explain to students the complexities surrounding the debate to launch a rebellion against Great Britain. Also, distinguish obvious and subtle differences between the strategies of the Americans and Britons.

Assignment: Briefly summarize a magazine or newspaper article describing a political debate about a potential rebellion or war situation. Create a political continuum and take a stand. Include reasons why you chose that place on the continuum Due: 1 week

Lesson Feed Back:                          Lesson Reflection: