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Lesson Plan #7

Unit Name: Colonial America
Lesson Theme: Boston Massacre and Boston Tea Party
Prior Student Preparation:

Instructional Objectives
Students will develop strong visual mnemonics about historical concepts.
Students will become skilled at pointing out details of historical images.
Students will develop an understanding and feeling for the unfair and oppressive rules/actions imposed on the colonists.
Students will participate in an act-it-out dramatization.
Students will justify his/her interpretation of the slides representing the Boston Massacre and the Boston Tea Party.
Resource/Materials: slides representing the Boston Massacre and the Boston Tea Party / slide projector

Order of the Lesson

Estimated Time Sequential Steps
1. 5 min Teacher will present overview.
2. 15 min Students will identify all the visual details of 5 different slides representing the Boston Massacre and the Boston Tea Party. Students will then interpret and analyze the different images of the slides.
3. 15 min Students engage in an act-it-out where they "enter the image" of the slide.
4. 10 min Students will answer probing interview questions posed by the teacher
5. 5 min  Lesson Closure / Clean Up / Final Instructions / Assignment

Lesson Closure: Explain and emphasize to the students the significance of these events Students will understand the severe emotional impact between the colonists and the British. Then connect how these events "broke the camelís back", forcing the colonistsí to take action by revolting against England.

Assignment: Write a letter to John Adams condemning or supporting his behavior and give reasons for opinions.

Lesson Feed Back:                              Lesson Reflection: