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Resume Biography Philosophy Standards Artifacts Web-based project



Websites for Soldiers of the Civil War -love letters of both Confederate and Union soldiers to their families -Diary kept by Union soldier of Illinois from the soldiers of the Civil War

Websites for Slaves of the Civil War: -Excellent accounts about slave life (includes photos, speeches, etc)

Websites for Abolitionists of the Civil War:

Websites for Authors of the Civil War: -Harriet Beecher Stowe -Abraham Lincoln -Walt Witman - Henry David Thoreau

Other Useful Websites: -Images of Civil War by subject and location
http://www.civil-warnet - Letters, diaries, photos, newsletters, poetry and music{1B} -extensive outline covering the Civil War's major political and military events - enormous amount of resources on the Civil War confederate flags - Civil War poetry - maps and military strategies from the Civil War - photos, drawings and lithographes of the Civil War - Battle flags of the Civil War -