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  • Teacher will divide students into assigned cooperative learning groups consisting of six people.
  • There will be five groups in total, each representing different segments of society during the civil war:
    1. Slaves
    2. Abolitionists
    3. Union Soldiers
    4. Confederate Soldiers
    5. Authors/Writers
  • Individual group members will take on different ROLES and look for specific kinds of information, answers, and insights.  Students will  work together to produce a final product of their know.
  • The final product will be a multimedia Scrapbook compiled with various items (see below) which represent your group's segment of society.

Instructions for Multimedia Scrapbook

  • Use links and other resources to surf the internet sites linked in RESOURCES to gain valuable information, images, and text
  • Copy any text you want by dragging across the words then using the Edit-Copy command on the menubar. Paste into a basic text editor, word processor, desktop publishing program or multimedia software
  • Save images you like by downloading them NOTE: check with the authors of the page to see if any copyright rules apply. Look for an email link on the page and then use it to ask for permission. Either paste the images youve downloaded into a multimedia, paint, or desktop publishing program (HyperStudio, Claris Works, or Page Maker) to display your collection of images.
  • Once you have created your scrapbook, go over it carefully so that you can give clear and thoughtful reasons why you found the things you collected especially important.

The Scrapbook

  • Each group must include AT LEAST 5 of the following items in their scrapbook:

*A letter/journal entry stating why or why not you think slavery should be abolished

*Mark which territories seceded from the Union on a map of 1861

*Show what the Confederate Flag and Union flag looked like in 1861

*Write a news story for the Bull Run Bulletin (make sure to include the five ws-who, what, where, when, why)

*Design a journal entry about life as the element of society you represent (slave, abolitionist, union solider, confederate solider, or author)

*Copy an illustration or political cartoon from this time and include your own clever caption

*Write poems or songs to express your opinions about a specific topic (i.e. slavery, war, etc.)

*Photographs of famous people, soliders, slaves, abolitonists, war, etc.


***You may create your own items for your scrapbook (using the internet sources as references) OR cut and paste the entire thing- the choice is yours! Remember-creativity is Key!!***

*Any other ideas, clear with your teacher first!

  • Each group will give an oral presentation of their scrapbook to the class.  Groups must include which segment of society they represented and why they chose what items went in their scrapbook. Each person will complete an evaluation of their individual and group roles for this quest.