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Lesson Plan #3

Unit Name: Colonial America
Lesson Theme: The French and Indian War
Prior Student Preparation:

Instructional Objectives
Students will learn through the use of primary sources the British and American perspectives of the French and Indian War.
Students will gain a more clear understanding of the events and outcomes caused by the French and Indian War.
Students will exhibit their analytical skills by constructing war reports/newscasts.
Students will apply narrative writing skills.
Students will better understand the important role the French and Indian War played in explaining the beginnings of social discontent.
Resource/Materials: primary sources / secondary sources

Order of the Lesson

Estimated Time Sequential Steps
1. 5 min Teacher will give overview, explain the activity, put students into 4 groups, and distribute information to each group representing different events during the French and Indian War.
2. 15 min Students imagine they are colonial war correspondents, reporting on the French and Indian War and create newscasts about the event they are assigned to. Each group is assigned one of the following events: the meeting of the Albany Congress, Braddock’s march on Fort Duquesne, the British victory at Quebec, and the signing of the Treaty of Paris. Students’ broadcast must include important individuals, the course of action, and the significance of events.
3. 20 min Groups present broadcasts. Then one student from each group will write on the chalkboard the main points they discussed in their newscast while students’ record this information on the right-hand side of their interactive journal.
4. 5 min Students will be asked to generalize from the data the attitudes or opinions of newscasters from different perspectives (i.e. a French broadcaster reporting on the same events) while the teacher facilitates a class discussion.
5. 5 min Lesson Closure / Clean Up / Final Instructions / Assignment

Lesson Closure: Explain to students how the French and Indian War and the events that followed it began to lay the groundwork for colonists to generate rebellious thoughts.

Assignment: Interpret and answer the questions about the political cartoon created by Benjamin Franklin in 1754. Also explain what message political cartoons communicate about war in the United States today.

Lesson Feed Back: Lesson Reflection: