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Classroom  Management Plan

My Student’s Needs

A teacher who is fair and consistent.
Freedom to express their ideas and opinions.
A learning environment that is safe, encouraging, cooperative, and conducive to productive work.
To learn interesting and relevant information with stimulating lessons and "hands on" experiences.
My Needs

Respect (considerate behavior).
Student Responsibility (active problem solvers and active learners).
Cooperation: active listening, considerate interaction during group activities, and mutual regard among all members of the class.
Organized classroom (rules, procedures, clean).
Classroom Rules

The following are classroom rules discussed and agreed upon by the teacher and the students.
Treat every person in class with Dignity and Respect
Be responsible learners (follow directions the first time given, get attention the right way, be prepared, turn in quality work)

My Preventive Discipline Measures

The preventive discipline measures I use to minimize misbehavior include the following:
Student centered teaching, cooperative learning, use of technology, incorporation of multiple intelligence activities, and relevant, "hands on" lessons.
Teach student social skills: listening, taking turns, negotiating, communicating, helping each other and taking responsibility (Nelson, Lott, & Glenn).
Involve students in the workings of the classroom: student secretary for class minutes, pass out papers, class librarian.
Provide a sense of consistency, familiarity, and security through structure and routines.

My Supportive Discipline Measures

Students sometimes get off task or break a rule. In order to assist my students maintain their own self-control, I use the following supportive measures:
Develop unspoken signals: eye contact, physical proximity, facial expressions, silently counts to five, the "look."
Give them a break after a long, difficult or frustrating task.
Use fillers for down time – journal writing, riddles, jokes.
Learn student’s tolerance levels
Catch ‘em being good – praise student who is being good
Use I-messages
Inject humor into the lesson.
State expectations clearly.

My Corrective Discipline Measures

When my students misbehave or violate a rule, I deal with the misbehavior by:
Stopping the misbehavior.
Talk with the offending student or invoke related, respectful, and reasonable consequences.
Use a problem solving process to settle disputes.
Deescalate conflict by remaining calm and depersonalized in the situation,
Redirect attention- getting behavior.

My Way of Maintaining a Positive Classroom Climate

In order for my students to learn successfully and behave appropriately, my classroom climate needs to be respectful, conscientious, cooperative, friendly, positive, and fair.

The following are some of the things I do to maintain such a climate:
Treat students with dignity and respect
Expect the three C’s – Capable of completing work, Connect positively with teacher and students, and Contribute significantly to class
Acknowledge and accept individual differences.
Interact personally with every student.
Express as many nonverbal positive reinforcement as possible
Provide interesting and fun activities that are challenging but in which the students can succeed.

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